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Connie-Lee Bennett

CEO & Founder, Meraki Training Academy Empowering you to speak with clarity, confidence & charisma. Multi-award winner, speaker, trainer, TV & Radio show host.

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If I could really be me, I would be going to the supermarket in my pajamas everyday before putting make-up on. I love seeing how people react to situations that are unfamiliar (and in this case strange). If I were to think about why? I guess it would be because I grew up in so many places and am fascinated with how people think.

I was born in Zimbabwe, spent some time in Bophuthatswana, was raised in South Africa, lived in the UK for 10 years and now I’m lucky enough to call Paris my home.

When I'm not researching why we think, be and do who we are, I'm still trying to learn French (even though I've lived in Paris for 5 years now) and trying to figure out how to grow more as an authentic leader so I can inspire and make an impact through my personal experiences.

I believe that each of our experiences are a gifts to teach us more about who we are and where we are not fully expressing our truth. One of the craziest things I have ever done is jump out of a plane (although this was not as scary as bungee jumping), I wonder what you think these experiences are telling me about who the real Connie-Lee Bennett is?

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Connie-Lee Bennett