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Graham W Hendrey

Graham W Hendrey

Apparently I am supposed to write here how fantastic I am and why you should attend my talk. Truth is that we are all unique and special in our own way. 25 years ago I decided to leave my home country (The UK) for 3 months to work and travel and explore. 2 years ago I returned with a few stories to tell and a few experiences to share...

Leadership Mindset Coach & Holistic Lifestyle Consultant
The Academy Of Language Therapy & Life Coaching

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About this Speaker

Founder of THE ACADEMY OF LANGUAGE THERAPY & LIFE COACHING. An independent online coaching business that promotes holistic practices of learning and development for individuals and companies.

The Academy Provides Online Consultations in: 1. Professional English Language Communication 2. Business Productivity and Profitability 3. Individual Lifestyle Development Strategy

Graham W. Hendrey has written 5 self published books:

  • The Trees That Became Men - A Anthology of Poetry
  • Principles for Leadership - Strategies to Maintain Success
  • The Laws of Leadership - Strategies that Underpin Success
  • Limitless Leadership - Strategies to Generate Success
  • Leadership Mindset - Strategies to ENcourage Success

And is working on his 6th:

*The Language of Deceit - How To Navigate The World That Surrounds Us



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