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Clare Humphreys

Personal Development Mindset Mentor, Will to Win Owner of Will to Win Personal & Professional Development, Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant working alongside Bob Proctor. Over 15 years in working in HR and Learning and Development with organisations as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Vertu Motor Group and the Head of HR at The House of Bruar. CIPD qualified.

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My name is Clare Humphreys and my business is Will to Win specialising in Personal and Professional Development. I am a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant and I work along side Bob Proctor who is my Mentor. Over 15 years in working in HR and Learning and Development with organisations as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Vertu Motor Group and the Head of HR at The House of Bruar and CIPD qualified.

Bob Proctor is one of the greatest Teachers on Human Potential and Success and has studied this area of expertise over 60 years. He has coached and mentored top business professionals, sports athletes, worked alongside major corporations such as Prudential Insurance and IBM to name but a few, as well as featuring in Rhonda Byrne's classic move, The Secret.

For more than 15 years, I was very fortunate to enjoy a fulfilling and varied career in HR and Leadership Development. I loved the opportunities provided to me to help people achieve their career goals and assist them through difficult personal and professional situations, and I was genuinely proud of my achievements in this role.

However, I also felt a longing to better assist individuals and businesses on a deeper level – something that focused on the whole. This was when I took the decision to invest in me, to be coached and mentored by Bob Proctor by which I could share my experiences with others and help them to reach their best potential.

Decision made I then founded Will to Win. Through Will to Win, I help individuals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Business Leaders, and Teams from all industries to drive personal and business performance.

I help every individual to deliver true and meaningful results, I guide people in connecting the dots between their aspirations and the aims of the company. I teach practical processes of positive change, driven by “Worthy Goals” that inspire and deeply motivate, allowing businesses and people to unlock their true potential.

And I really love what I do!!!

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