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There's a lot of talk about the New Normal, the Unprecedented, or the Extraordinary! But as we come out of Lockdown these words cannot fully explain the changes we are facing. What can be said however, is that things have changed for most of us and not everyone wants to go back to the old normal.

There are always changes in life, but what has been different about COVID is that the whole world has faced it together and it has been the most significant global wake-up call ever seen outside of a war. As lockdown ends and we return to 'something', things looks more unpredictable than they ever were before.

New habits have been formed and our spending has changed. This means that trading conditions for most businesses are very different than they used to be. Some companies have found new opportunities and others are facing the prospects of cost reductions and possibly closure.

In addition to this Governments across the world will need to cut the safety nets and the state funding systems will go. We are left picking up the pieces and working out what's next. This is the point when we all get to experience the real impact of this crisis.

This picture may seem bleak but it doesn't need to be, we just need to dig a little deeper to find the inner resources that provide the power to take control of our destiny.

The Time Is Now! This Is What We Will Be Covering...

Your Why 

We will be starting with "The Why". What do you want in your life?

Has it changed since COVID19? Were you living your best life before this crisis, and do you know what your best life could be if you really reached out to take it? Over the five days, there will be tools, talks and resources to help you discover what it all means for you.


We will explore motivation, where does it come from, more importantly, where does it go? We are going to explore how to get and stay motivated.

Focus, Self-discipline and Resistance

With these two pillars in place, we will look at focus, self-discipline and resistance. What is involved in actually holding your desire in the cross hairs of attention? How do you get your ass in the chair to do the work? We will look at resistance because, once we start doing the work, at some stage there is always a wall to be hit.


Then finally, we will look at accountability and those things that we all need to pull us through and keep moving forward to create the life we want to live.

Time to Get Inspired 

Reasons and Results is 5 days of experts and inspiration from across the world. Talks from inspirational people who have achieved great things; we are going to discover what it means to them and how they made their goals happen.

We must all find our path and while success is different for everyone it does leave clues. By exploring the journey of others, we get to see what is possible. We discover how it is for them and what their secrets are when the going gets tough.

How will you demonstrate resilience and find the creativity to build the future you want?

As we emerge from this crisis, it will be the people that choose their path proactively that will be the winners in this situation. Those who sit back and wait for life to deliver something to them may not get what they want.

It is up to you to demonstrate resilience and find the creativity to build the future you want. And the changes we've faced could be the opportunity you needed to experience something different and maybe even incredible!


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