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Gemma Ray

Author, Speaker, Radio Presenter, BBC Radio presenter, communications specialist, speaker & author. Described as “The Gordon Ramsey of marketing - with more swearing!”

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Gemma Ray should have a PhD in procrastination. She still pinches herself daily that her book on self discipline (that she had no self discipline to write) continues to top the best seller charts. Believing self discipline is a "necessary pimple to be popped on the ass of adulthood", Gemma will show you how to easily weave the life changing magic of daily action into your life and business. Join Gemma on a refreshingly honest, powerful and inspirational journey of self discipline, self trust and self belief. Gemma is a BBC Radio presenter, best selling author, communications coach and always the most filthy person in a WhatsApp group chat. She should probably establish the first chapter of Oversharers Anonymous

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Is Self-Discipline the Highest Form of Self-Care?

Gemma Ray