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Liz Mearns

TEDx Speaker, Coach & NLP Master, The Head Coach Master NLP Practitioner, Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Corporate and Executive Coach

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Hi I'm Liz, I teach women in corporate business the life-changing steps to get their career back on track and build a life that they can totally fall in love with. Since I told my story of corporate fatigue at TEDx I have made it my mission to uplift other corporate women who have found themselves, stuck, typecast and unfulfilled. Through my signature group coaching programme Fed Up to Fired Up, I help you to rediscover your career spark and learn how to take control of your life in just 90 days. I love working with women on overcoming their resistance (aka procrastination) which is usually down to perfectionism, people-pleasing and imposter syndrome. Come with me, it's time to RISE

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EXCLUSIVE TO VIP ACCESS PASS HOLDERS (Links & Coupon codes are available on your VIP MEMBERS page) For VIP ticket holders I am offering a discount of 20% on my Group Coaching Programme 'Fed Up to Fired Up' PLUS if you enroll within 48 hours of my talk you can also benefit from a 1:1 60 minute Personalized Coaching Consultation with me. This programme is for women who have reached a career crossroads and want to massively rethink their options to create work that gives them meaning and purpose without feeling stuck and typecast in the same role forever. Read all the detail by following the special link. Fed Up to Fired Up: Rediscover your Career Spark and Take Control of your Life in 90 days. Offer price is £797 (20% off full price) PLUS additional 1:1 Consultation if enroll within 48 hours of talk.


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Liz Mearns