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Liz Mearns

The Quest to Find Out Why

A Talk by Liz Mearns (TEDx Speaker, Coach & NLP Master, The Head Coach)

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About this Talk

Why are we here? Why are YOU here?

Big change is afoot. COVID-19 has brought up some questions. Many of us are searching for bigger reasons, purpose for what is happening, wondering how we play a part in shaping the world. There is a definite quest for more meaning in our work and life and we want to make a difference.

As kids we ask a lot of questions which are often left unanswered. Eventually we stop asking and 'get on with life', accepting things as they are. Without realising it we slip into a trance, doing what we’ve always done, following the same routes and routines, thinking the same thoughts. We become predisposed for sameness and safety. Education and work only serve to strengthen this.

We wonder how we ended up where we are and where the time has gone. We realise we don't enjoy our job, it feels meaningless.

We begin to get restless, itchy an unfulfilled feeling…

It’s our purpose calling. Do not delay. The time is NOW

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About The Speakers

Liz Mearns

Liz Mearns

TEDx Speaker, Coach & NLP Master, The Head Coach

Master NLP Practitioner, Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Corporate and Executive Coach