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Louise Miller

Productivity Mentor, Bettylou Louise helps busy, heart-led solopreneurs get stuff done with less stress and more ease.

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Louise gently introduces overwhelmed business owners to compassionate, sustainable productivity so they can land their brilliant ideas in reality, grow a fulfilling business and create space for what they love.

She has been featured on several podcasts, including the Slow Home Podcast with Brooke McAlary, and has been invited to share her expertise internationally.

Louise’s experience of work-related stress and anxiety towards the end of her successful 15-year career in administration and management led her to develop a slower, more mindful approach to getting things done. She helps her clients get their great ideas out of their head, notebooks and scribbles and into reality so they can make progress and have fun in their business again.

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THIS OFFER IS EXCLUSIVE TO VIP ACCESS PASS HOLDERS (Links & Coupon codes are available on your VIP MEMBERS page) 20% off Productivity Made Simple, a four week journey to set you up for productivity greatness. Discover new ways of working that will reduce overwhelm and help you make progress. You’ll learn how to… - get things off your to-do list with ease, focus and calm - figure out what’s important and where to start when you’re feeling stuck - improve your focus By the end of the course you’ll feel calmer and less stressed so you can enjoy your down-time without constantly worrying about work. You’ll have laid the foundations that will take your productivity and your business to the next level!


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Louise Miller