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Suzy Beaumont

Founder, Change Your World

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Personal Development Consultant Suzy Beaumont is Trailblazer, Visionary and a World Changer

A former Multi-award-winning BBC Producer with 18 years’ experience in TV and Radio. With a track record in creating nationally recognised features and live programming, specialising in business, health & wellbeing and lifestyle documentary making. Suzy used her skills as a producer, to turn her hand to organising life changing events, bringing together a team of experts to deliver personal and professional coaching services. As a Personal Development Consultant and Founder of Change Your World, Suzy plays host to leading expert, coaches and health & Wellbeing professionals to inspire, motivate and empower; creating a ripple effect of positive change for individuals, organisations and the environment.

Suzy has a massive vision to positively change the world using personal development. The aim is to inspire individuals to become their best self through a consistent self-improvement practice.

“When we work on ourselves, we start to think better, when we think better, we make better decisions; when we make better decisions, we get better results and that’s when the world around us starts to change”.

Suzy is also an accredited facilitator with the Stress Management Society, the UK’s leading authority on stress management issues, delivering two of their flagship stress awareness sessions ‘Excelling Under Pressure’ and Manager’s Managing Stress which are designed to build self-awareness, resilience and develop a manager’s coping strategies to deal with stress in themselves and others.

Change Your World Every Day is an online coaching community for people who want more from life, personally and professionally. It’s for people who are ready to work on themselves, are open to coaching and need the support, encouragement and accountability.

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