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Tracey Rampling Brown

Building a Motivation Mindset

A Talk by Tracey Rampling Brown (Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Vibrant Coaching And Leadership)

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About this Talk

In this talk, Tracey will explain why now is the perfect time to build a motivation mindset and outline the four elements that underpin it. You're faced with a choice: you can hunker down and wait for the storm to pass, or you can take your future into your own hands and emerge from this situation with a clear idea of who you are, what you want, and where you want to go from here - and discover how you can harness this knowledge to help you get through the challenges ahead. If you're ready to ditch the victim mentality and take control of your direction, then this talk will be perfect for you!

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About The Speaker

Tracey Rampling Brown

Tracey Rampling Brown

Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Vibrant Coaching And Leadership

Tracey's magic is in helping her clients design an intentional vision for their future congruent with their core beliefs and values, teaching them how to set soul aligned goals and working together to clear the blocks holding them back so they can start manifesting the crap out of their dreams! Tracey’s style is a blend of woo with equal measures of the science that backs it up, combining elements of Positive Intelligence, traditional and Appreciative coaching methodologies with the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Tarot/Oracle reading!