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Kylie Jones

Digital Planning Tools to Help Organise Your Business Life

A Talk by Kylie Jones (Founder of the VA Mentor Programme, Advantage Virtual Assistants)

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About this Talk

In this session I will talk you through how to use digital planning tools to help you to organise your business and personal life. We will be looking at Trello and Asana, and how they can be integrated with other systems for you to keep organised on the go!

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If you are feeling overwhelmed with business tasks and feel like you are in a constant circle of to-do lists then it may be time to start outsourcing some of your list. Figuring out how a virtual assistant can help you can become daunting too. In my 1 hour 1:1 zoom call, we go through the tasks you need to run your business and which ones you can start to outsource. I can then recommend a VA that would be suited to you and your business. This would normally be £149 but as a participant, you can claim this session for £99. Use the code RANDR to get your discount.


About The Speaker

Kylie Jones

Kylie Jones

Founder of the VA Mentor Programme, Advantage Virtual Assistants

Founder of the VA Mentor Programme and master of the flexible working life, Kylie is skilled in Change Management, Training and Organizational Management.