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Learn How to Connect with your Life Purpose

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About this talk

Is this it? Is this the reason I am here? Am I living in my purpose?

Tony Robbins often shares how the only way we can feel fulfilled is to growth and contribution. What then do we need to grow into? As spiritual beings having a human experience, we often wonder what our unique gifts are we are supposed to be sharing with the world. In my talk, I will share with you how to find out what your unique purpose is and how you can use this to make a difference in your life and the lives of those around you. When we were children we unashamedly lived our truth, we were the unique expression of who we were simply by just BEING. Over time as teenagers our identities and worth became wrapped up in what we thought we SHOULD BE in order to be accepted and as adults we starting choosing careers and lives that were in alignment with what we thought our purpose, goals ought to be based on our unconscious conditioning. What is we were to reconnect with a part of ourselves that brought fulfilment, peace and freedom. What if we understood that our purpose was to connect with our truth each day, root ourselves in this and inspire others’ through out own experiences?

All of life’s experiences are gifts - each of these moments allow you to delve deeper into the awareness of your purpose, it is a journey not a destination.

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